Should I Remove Old Wallpaper Before Hanging New Paper

Should I Remove Old Wallpaper Before Hanging New Paper in Grand Rapids MI

Does ugly wallpaper keep you up at night? Patterned wallpaper installed by previous homeowners can make your home look dated, which is why many people decide to hang new paper that’s more in line with their personal tastes.

In this blog post, our Grand Rapids painters at New Look Painting will let you know what challenges lie ahead if you decide to wallpaper over old paper. Your new wallpaper will need a clean smooth surface, which may or may not be on top of your old wallpaper.

For more information about wallpaper stripping, we recommend contacting a wallpaper removal company near you. If you haven’t already, be sure to also check out our blog post about how to remove old wallpaper.

Is the old wallpaper peeling, bubbling, or tearing?

You’ll need a smooth surface to hang new wallpaper, which means peeling wallpaper will need to be removed. You’ll also need to strip old wallpaper if you see tears, rips, or bubbling. Use spackling paste to repair nicks in the old wallpaper before hanging new paper for the best results. The new wallpaper will need to be installed on a smooth surface if you expect it to last.

Will the colors from the old wallpaper bleed through?

If the old wallpaper has dark colors or a bold pattern, you may be in trouble. Be careful that the dye from the old wallpaper doesn’t bleed through and stain your new wallpaper. If you are unsure whether the old wallpaper will bleed, choose a spot on your wall where you won’t mind if you mess up.

Use a wet clean sponge to saturate the old wallpaper. Next, pull the sponge away and take a good look. If the sponge is stained with dye, you’ll want to apply a primer sealer product over the old wallpaper before hanging new paper. While testing old wallpaper takes time, it’s better to test a small surface of your wall now than it is to ruin all your new wallpaper later.

Is there more than one layer of old wallpaper?

Peel back the first layer of wallpaper. Is there another layer underneath? If so, you’ll need to remove both layers before you can proceed. While some wallpaper is designed to easily peel off your walls, other types of wallpaper will require more effort to remove. For example, you may need to rent a wallpaper steaming tool from your local home improvement store to soften old wallpaper enough to remove. If the wallpaper proves too difficult to remove, you may want to consider hiring a wallpaper stripping contractor.

If you are still unsure whether you should remove old wallpaper before hanging new paper, we recommend reaching out to a professional. A wallpaper removal service company will have experience in helping homeowners remove old wallpaper from drywall and other surfaces.

The Grand Rapids painting contractors at New Look Painting work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new walls. If you are interested in our wallpaper removal or interior painting services, give our painters in Grand Rapids, MI a call at (616) 532-3300.